"Rhonda builds in music curriculum without the kids even knowing - they are engaged singing, dancing and playing games while literacy, numeracy and music theory are learned. My kids loved it!" - Paula Greenwood Primmett

 "Over the past few years we have signed our four year old up for a number of classes but music with Ms. Rhonda remains a favorite. Every Saturday morning when she confirms with us our daily plans we are met with a huge smile and happiness when she learns she is going to Ms. Rhonda's for music. Rhonda is a true professional and her genuine love of music and children shines as she teaches them about music, movement and language. Thank you Rhonda!" -Wendy Maahre

"I was amazed at how quickly my daughter developed an understanding of pitch and rhythm.  Thank you Rhonda!" -Tal Schacham, father of a seven year old

"I love the Baby Music class because I get a chance to sing and move.  My baby really enjoys interacting with the other children and parents.  It is a highlight of our week." -Kate Cornell, mother of a nine-month old

 "Rhonda Hanson taught my daughter in grade two and after ten years ... she is still referred to as " that wonderful Miss Hanson - she was so great!".  Rhonda totally understood my daughter's needs and my daughter LOVED to learn in her class. Rhonda is a gifted educator who makes each of her students feel as if they are the only ones that matter."- Colleen Garagan Shier

" I have had the privilege of teaching with Rhonda for six years. As a dynamic and energetic educator, Rhonda's music lessons are well researched, interesting, educational, and inspiring.  She seamlessly integrates literacy and movement into her music lessons. The children are engaged, delighted, and inspired. As a classroom teacher, I was unable to just observe; I always felt compelled to take part in Rhonda's lessons. Children delight in her teaching." -Karen Scheifele

 "I have had the privilege of teaching with Rhonda in Toronto elementary school for two years.  She is a knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated music educator who truly understands how to teach both instrumental (Orff) and vocal music to young students.  She always finds new ways to engage students of all ages, including adults!  I have always seen Rhonda give her undivided attention to every child's needs and interests and she consistently finds creative ways to maximize every child's learning potential so that they can be the best that they can be. She is a fantastic music educator and is always ready for a new challenge.  I can only hope that my future children will be lucky enough to have Rhonda as their music educator one day!" -Connie Chan