Yoga Classes

Our fast-paced world affects our children – and yoga is the perfect antidote. Kids who are over stimulated by large class sizes and/or long learning days need to be explicitly exposed to strategies and techniques to calm and quiet their growing minds.

Set the Tone provides this through our fun and creative children’s yoga. We teach your child to love their perfect selves through our well sequenced, small-group (max 8) classes. We give them quiet time to decompress so that they will learn how to cope with stressors that are an inevitable part of life.

Yoga also happens to be a perfect complement to musical education . The postures are excellent for balancing the repetitive stress from playing an instrument, and it helps singers connect with and manage their breath control. Flow in yoga is much like a dance and dance is connected to music.

Music Classes

Music is innate – children are born ready to experience it. Exposing them to it has so many benefits, including improved:   Critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, abilities to use the right and left brain simultaneously, social skills, learning in all other areas. 

 Set the Tone offers kindly crafted, creative music classes designed to educate while creating pure joy and satisfaction within your child. 

Classes are small in size (max 8) with a high degree of individual attention. Movement, singing, and playing instruments are integral to every class.

Private Lessons 

At Set the Tone, we we offer private lessons for piano and voice. If you are interested please call 647-388-9300 to schedule a trial lesson or send and email by clicking on the button below.